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Tenth Year Excellency

Amulyamica celebrated 10th anniversary on 2-Dec-2014

Purbanchal Laminates Pvt. Ltd, maker of brand “AMULYA MICA” has celebrated its 10th anniversary on 2 Dec/2014 at Gandhidham Plant , by thanking and appraising GOD by chanting the verses of Sunderkand Pharases for giving strength & success of these 10th years from 2-Dec-2004 to 2-Dec-2014. The entire sales team of Pan India celebrated 10th anniversary by going at Pizza Hut/ Domino’s with their family and had a BIG FUN.. The company’s Dealer and distributor in Pan India net work celebrated as per their own style. Distributor from INDORE, Shri Sumit Maheshwari is celebrated 10th anniversary by organizing Hi-TEA –party with patrons and had a lot of FUN and game.

The company ‘s MD Mr. Rakesh Agarwal has thanked all the team and patrons and has sent Momentous with Pharman letter showing sincere gratitude to company’s all close associates, patrons, dealers & distributors who have given utmost support & effort to lead Amulya mica a great height of SUCCESS . In his message Mr. Agarwal says – “ Our tenth anniversary celebration is for and about the people who have made the “AMULYAMICA” a success : those who worked in the factories for a decades and those who makes our business so incredibly alive TODAY !”

On eve of 10th anniversary celebration, Mr. Agarwal is full confident that present production capacity 1,60,000 sheets will increase to 2,50,000 sheets per month by the end of Jan/2015 when factory expansion work will complete.

The tenth anniversary is actually a story that goes back 18 years back when in 1996, the supreme court imposed the ban on tree falling in the north eastern states of India and all wood based industries were closed in those states and migrated to other states. Among them, Mr. Rakesh Agarwal , MD of the company, migrated to the Port city of Gandhidham with a vision “ The Sky is Limit “. He set up a commercial unit in 1997 under the banner of Landmark Veneers Pvt. Ltd. in Gandhidham and after a year of success in 1998, Amul Boards Pvt. Ltd. was set up for manufacturing plywood & b/board & flush door. After success of veneer & plywood units, in year 2004, PURBANCHAL LAMINATES PVT. LTD, was founded which is only laminate factory in Kutch district, producing High Pressure Decorative laminate for ‘Design Conscious ‘ Indian as well as international buyers. Within span of 8 years of its existence, The Government of India has awarded Amulyamica as Export House status in recognition of its achievement in the international Trade & commerce. Amulya mica design laminates to enhance the look & feel of spaces with its 500 design and 60 finishes, beside suede, matt and glossy finishes and textured from imported design papers like Chiyoda ,Japan , Techno Cell – Europe, Shatt décor, suddeco, Interprint , decotec-spain etc. It is the place where colours are applied in tandem with culture to bend the ambiences.

Now viewing the modern digitalization concept and to minimize the use of paper, Amulyamica have launched its design and shade in E-catalogue and Kiosk Apps with features to download in mobile & tablet, installed in PAN India dealer net work, with unique feature of viewing one’s own dream design fitted into furniture of drawing room, bed room, kitchen & offices, – JUST BY PRESSING A KEY. It is first of its kind in the laminate industry.

Last but not least , Mr. Agarwal’s vision – “ We‘ll have more new things & news from our group and we look forward to great more things happening in coming year !!!”