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AMULYA WPCThe Ultimate Futuristic Board.

Purbanchal Composite Panel (India) Pvt. Ltd, maker of “AMULYA WPC” is the new venture of Purbanchal Laminates Pvt. Ltd.- a manufacturing setup of AMULYA WPC & PVC LEAD Free foam board &900 PVC bending laminates. Incorporated in 1st April/2017 under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Rakesh Agarwal- manufacturing setup is located on the plot of land adjacent to the existing unit namely Purbanchal Laminates Pvt. Ltd., Bhimasar- Kutch- Gujarat.

Amulya WPC/PVC Foam Board is absolutely environment friendly and non polluting material. It is 100% LEAD free board- first of its kind in our panel trade in India. As Lead affects our health and environment- causing cancer, liver & kidney damage & respiratory issues etc.

Amulya WPC is 100% termite proof, Water Proof, Recyclable, Eco-friendly and flame retardant product. It has holding capacity of High Screw & Nails. It is especially helpful to those areas where we see large scale problem of termite & dampness. In Amulya WPC boardlaminates can easily be pasted, High gloss, Matt, Deco paint, Texture Paint can be applied with less consumption of material, also ACP’s and Acrylic solid surface can also be pasted.

Amulya 900 bendable PVC laminate is a new and versatile decorating panel having greater longevity and wide variety of application- you can simply bend the PVC laminates and give your interior a modish & gorgeous look by getting rid of visible edgy joints.  BEND   IT   LIKE   ANYTHING.

10 reasons to choose:

  • 100% Termite & Borer Proof
  • 100% Water Proof for Life time
  • 100% Formaldehyde Emission free
  • 100% Bacteria & Fungus Resistant
  • 100% Lead Free Panel
  • Fire  Retardant
  • Non Toxic Sheet
  • Zero Maintenance
  • No shrinkage and swelling
  • 90° Bendable. No need of Edge Band.

In India for WPC/PVC, there is no BIS standard (Bureau of Indian Standard) test available. So the company has tested its product quality at Shriram Institute of Industrial Research Lab, Delhi and awarded test certificate which shows AMULYA WPC is better than any other brand existing in Indian market.

Amulya WPC/PVC will be available in Width from 2.5’ to 6’ and in Length – Customized up to 20’ and in Thickness – 4mm to 20mm.


 Product Range :

Amulya WPC/PVC Lead Free Foam Board:

Amulya WPC/PVC board is absolutely environment friendly and non polluting material.  Amulya WPC/PVC board has features such as highly resistant to extreme weather, moisture and termites and low maintenance. It’s won’t rot, crack, wrap as like other timber used for interior & furniture making.

Amulya WPC/PVC boards used in exterior decoration revolutionizes the look and feel of outdoor area along with its long life.

“Amulya WPC/PVC  board” doesn’t require painting, staining or oiling and it avoids using potentially polluting preservatives.

Amulya 90° Bendable PVC laminates:

Now time has gone for the cheap looking edeges and kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, beds etc. Now you have a wonderful décor option for your interior. Presenting 90° bendable PVC laminates in different colour and design.

With Amulya 90° bendable PVC laminates, you can simply bend the PVC laminates and give your interiors a modern and gorgeous look.

Amulya 90° bendable PVC laminate is a new and versatile decorating panel having greater longevity and a wide variety of applications, with Amulya PVC laminate you may discover new designs and applications that were never possible with traditional décor and sheets.

Difference between Amulya WPC and Others:


Amulya WPC is made with 100% virgin plastic material to make it safe for interior furniture applications. Since it is made with Virgin plastic it has very high density and thus having high nail holding capacity.

Amulya WPC is guaranteed for being lead free material. It is made with the unique process with LEAD free material.

Amulya WPC comes with 6ft wide that is 8×6 feet size that is very practical to make furniture with any wastage board. This saves time and money booth.

Other Brand:

Many brand available in market made with low grade plastic so it may affect your health and they are not environmental friendly.

Since a normal WPC made with low grade materials so they lack in strength and poses poor nail holding capacity.

Majority of WPC brands in India having most dangerous metal like ‘Lead’ in their composition which causes serious health problem like cancer to its users.

Other brands are available in 8×4 feet size, so there is wastage of material during furniture making.