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Following the mantra of ‘Constant UP-Gradation’ Amulya mica possesses sound infrastructure ,latest technology with state of art facilities and highly skilled work force.
Various types of decorative laminates are manufactured in a very sophisticated plant and company is committed to comply with all applicable environmental legislation & regulations as specified by the centre and state Regulatory Bodies and prevents elements of pollution through various means of recycling and process modification.

Utmost care is taken during assembly of laminates. The newly developed Surface Protection Technology comprises specially developed abrasive tissue papers, impregnated with specially formulated Melamine Resin, are overlaid on the imported design papers for manufacturing Amulya laminates. To make Amulya Mica more durable in actual use, its core support has been crafted with imported high quality ( with low ash content) kraft paper impregnated with straight phenolic resin.

What is SPT : SPT developed first time India by AMULYA MICA , gives your laminate additional strength to withstand stains and scratches more effectively. The technology guarantees that Amulya Mica laminate beats ageing and needs practically ZERO maintance. So company guarantees its products for 7 years if laminates are preserved under normal storage condition, rare in our panel trade.

Laboratory :

The Research lab is fully equipped with the latest testing machines & gadgets. The Amulya mica samples pass through stringent quality examinations ensuring that the products are resistant to stains, scratches, cigarette burns, heat, dust etc. The strength is ascertained through a series of Quality tests before passing the samples with a mark of excellence

Health- Safety Management :

The Health, safety and well being of our people mean a lot to us. The company has successfully implemented an OHSAS-18001:2007 compliant Health & Safety Management system. Fully committed to providing a safe working environment for all employees, company time to time conducts health checks and safety and emergency preparedness training session at work. Every year to mark the new year, the company arranges tour for its employees to Fun, Fresh & relax.