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Chalk & Marker Board

Our Marker / Chalk boards are made from the best quality raw materials. These marker boards are strong and durable in nature. We offer them in different thicknesses and specifications according to the requirement of the clients.

Properties Specified as per IS : 2046 – 1995 Amulya Mica’s Typical Values
Thickness 1.00 mm (+/ – 10%) 1.00 mm +/ -0.05
Resistance to Surface Wear 350 Revolutions, Min. >675 Revolutions
Resistance to Immersion in boiling water
Mass increase (%) 10.0% (Max.) 4.5% (Max.)
Thickness increase (%) 11.8% (Max.) 6.5% (Max.)
Resistance to Dry heat at 180°C Should pass test Passes
Dimensional Stability at Elevated temperature
Longitudinal (%) 0.55% (Max.) 0.38% (Max.)
Transverse (%) 1.15% (Max.) 0.51% (Max.)
Resistance to impact by small diameter ball 20 N (Min.) 24 N (Min.)
Resistance to Cracking Should pass test Passes comfortably
Resistance to Scratching 2 N (min.) 3 N (Min.)
Resistance to Staining Should pass test Passes all Tests
Resistance to Colour Change Wool standard  6 Passes
1. In Xenon Light Should pass test Passes
2. In Enclosed Carbon Arc Light Should pass test Passes
Resistance to cigarette Burns Grade not worse than 3 Passes
Resistance to Steam Grade not worse than 4 Passes