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Amulya Mica 0.8 MM

Properties Amulya 800
Typical Values
Thickness 0.80 mm (+/ – 5%)
Resistance to Surface Wear 350 Revolutions, Min.
Resistance to Immersion in boiling water
Mass increase (%) 8.00%
Thickness increase (%) 9.00%
Resistance to Dry heat at 180°C Passed
Dimensional Stability at Elevated temperature
Longitudinal (%) 0.48%
Transverse (%) 0.64%
Resistance to impact by small diameter ball 22 N
Resistance to Cracking Passed comfortably
Resistance to Scratching 2 N
Resistance to Staining Passed all Tests
Resistance to cigarette Burns Passed
Resistance to Steam Passed
Appearance No ABC Defects
Specific Gravity gm/cm³ 1.35